The Kid is a gambler.


He is the grandson of an railroad company worker. His family owned a vacation cabin at Bass Lake. He never spent much time with his family. He grew up never close to his family (though he thought about changing that as he got older).

As he grew, he spent most of his time reading  and playing cards. As a boy he enjoyed reading a lot of books, but he never went to college. He soon became a card shark (he doesn't read much anymore except essential books such as 'Play According To Hoyle').

Colonel Dijon was familar with him: back in the early 1920s, he once played in the Vieux Carres district of New Orleans. He was thrown out of the Viex Carres several years ago (before 1925) for cheating at cards.

He is a mysterious figure, perhaps immortal or a time traveler (or perhaps even a vampire) as he has been seen as far back as the 1920's and as late as 1978 (not counting his appearance in Hoyle I in 1989).

He has played against many people in his time, including a housemaid, a sculptor, a chef, an Arab sheik, and a Russian Cribbage champion. He won against a Vegas shark in Seattle back in '78.

Besides being a gambler, he seems to know a bit about programmiing (see's himself as Warren Schwader's Programmer's Assistant), and also knows enough mathematics to calculate the odds in a card game. He knows a bit about TV and movies in his experience. His favorite films being 'classic movies and films' including 'The Hustler', and 'old silent movies' like Nosferatu.

He was infatuated with Shelly LeBlanc and invited her ot join him for dinner after their game, to eat shtrimp ettoufe at the pier.

He plans if he ever retires from his card-playing career he would enjoy living in the mountains near Yosemite.


The kid's family vacation home was not too far from the home of Schwader's house near Bass Lake.

He is known by Henri Dijon, and the mathematician Thelma.

Titles and NicknamesEdit

  • The Kid
  • Kid
  • Mr. Kid
  • Fella
  • Business Man
  • Sir Kid
  • Mister Kid
  • M'sieu Kid
  • M'sieu