In Dagger of Amon Ra, Laura can be killed in the following ways:

  • Cross the street in New York without looking both ways
  • Give the guard at the back door your press pass at the Speakeasy
  • Go down the spiral stairs with the light bulb out and Laura will fall
  • Attempt to remove the heavy sword off the wall
  • Attempt to get the cheese from the mousetrap without disarming the trap
  • Climb up the ladder many times on the tube vat before falling in and drowning
  • Go in one of the secret passage rooms without your lantern lit
  • Open the trunk without feeding the beetles meat
  • Attempt to grab Dr. Olympias corba snake with your hands or leave the room with it
  • Allow the murderer in the black cloak with the mace to knock you out
  • Answer the wrong answer in the riddle to Rameses Najeer
  • Open the furance door
  • Take too long to help Steve Dorian or don't give him a boot to wear or wait too long
  • Don't light the lantern in the secret passage way
  • Allow a group of snakes to bite Laura and Steve
  • Allow a group of rats to bite Laura and Steve
  • Fall in the furance door
  • Allow the murderer to climb out the T-Rex mouth
  • Don't prosecute Detective O'Riley as the murderer when The Cornor asks you questions.

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