In Colonel's Bequest, Laura can be killed in the following ways:

  • Enter one of the chutes found in several of the rooms
  • Take a shower in the bathroom
  • Touch the railing at the top of the stairs. It will break and Laura will fall
  • Walk under the chandelier, when it will fall on her
  • Open the closet several times (Act III and later)
  • Enter the elevator shaft when the elevator is not there
  • Get caught in the secret passages
  • Get caught in the attic
  • Oil wrong parts of Sil Lancelot, which will fall and slice her in half
  • Open Blaze's stable without feeding him, will make him kick her to death
  • Fall into the swamp
  • Walk too close to an alligator
  • Ring the bell while under it. It will fall on her.
  • Enter the stairs to the basement without the lantern

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