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Fifi is the sexy French maid that lives with and "serves" Colonel Dijon.


Back in early 1925, Henri Dijon brought him along for a card game competition.

Everyone knows that she wants money from Henri and it is the reason why she is very close to him. She also has an affair (perhaps her real one) with Jeeves.

Rudy tries to get with her on two separate occasions but she slaps him and Rudy starts to hate her.

On her date with Jeeves, the murdered poisons the cognac decanter and both die.

Behind the scenesEdit

Game progressionEdit

Act I
(Henri's room) She is with the Colonel in a private moment. She leaves to dust the house.
(Study) She is dusting the room.
Act II
(Rudy and Clarence's room) Rudy hits on Fifi. She slaps him and goes to her room.
(Fifi's room) She brushes her hair.
(Fifi's room) She is reading a book until Rudy arrives. Rudy hits on Fifi and she slaps him. When he leaves she rests in her bed.
Act IV
(Parlor) She is dusting the room.
(Dining room) She and Jeeves are flirting.
Act V
(Fifi's room) She is getting ready for her date with Jeeves.